I've worked with Kathryn and...


This woman is a genius! From architects to authors, actors to musicians, Kathryn not only captures likeness but personality - and all with a well-considered flick of the wrist. She is a joy to work with and has become, in the nicest possible way, part of the furniture of Intelligent Life.

                                      -- Martin Lovelock, Deputy Art Director at Intelligent Life/The Economist

Hi Kathryn,   A quick note to let you know the good news. We have approval and everyone is very happy! Thank you so much for your wonderful work and patience, you have been great to work with. 

                                     -- Ben Brannan, The London Evening Standard:

I am a huge admirer of your work. Love what you have done in Intelligent Life. Have been looking for an artist with your kind of deft line for months. Wanted very much to import illustration into our news site www.thedailybeast.com  for ages but haven't found anyone who could do it with enough finesse. Then found you! I would love you to be our signature artist.          

                                      -- Tina Brown, Newsweek & The Daily Beast

You are an exquisite artist and I absolutely love the your lines and marks. It's reminiscent of one of my favorite artists, Heinrich Kley. My favorite of the drawings we have received are your geese, simply beautiful! We'll all be cheering when we see this in the theatres at the resolution it was meant to be viewed at! Your drawings are beautiful on the computer screen and I'm sure it'll only be more breathtaking on a giant screen!

                                     -- Gary Tam, Imaginary Forces. Mr Tam is referring to all of the line illustrations that I                                          did for the 2005 Charlotte's Web, by Paramount Pictures.