Winky & Puffy

I am realizing my portraits to life. If the future of images is online, might as well make them wink!                                                              


Owls are in the air, so to speak...

This year I've had two lovely owl-themed commissions. The first was for a logo for "Little Owl Urns". The business-owner needed a logo to imprint on the bottoms of the ceramic and wooden urns she creates for beloved pets. I added more background afterwards, just for fun:


in folklore, owls shepherd spirits safely to the underworld  

in folklore, owls shepherd spirits safely to the underworld 

The second commission was for a wine merchant, Rookwood & Perry, in the Hudson River Valley. I am not sure why they felt an owl was needed for their image, but I sure enjoyed drawing it!

note:  I in no way condone owls drinking wine  

note: I in no way condone owls drinking wine 

The Pope Saga

In honor of our new pope, The Stranger republished this hilarious feature by Lindy West from the archives, a brief history of the papacy, highlights of the great and not so...

Pope Ratzinger

Pope Ratzinger

Pope Alexander VI has a secret

Pope Alexander VI has a secret

Pope Innocent (?) IV

Pope Innocent (?) IV

Classic Style for Grimm's Tale

"The Cat and the Mouse Set Up House"


That is the title of the Grimm's Fairy Tale which these accompany in the holiday issue of Waitrose Magazine, a lovely glossy publication full of recipes and ideas for foodies. This is one of 50 of Grimm's tales, as retold by Phillip Pullman. It features a good-hearted, over-trusting mouse, a salivating cat, and a small pot of fat. I am sad to say, two of those three subjects do not survive to the end of the story...


It was years in the process, but I finally became a Newsweek contributor in 2012. Here is one of my favorites: Mr. David Frum. I had a great time with his pronounced features.  I also get a kick out of his career trajectory: Former Bush speech-writer, now calling his party out on its strident looniness. This portrait + 8 others (including of Tina Brown) viewable on the iPad edition of Newsweek/Daily Beast.

Kurt Vonnegut

The Stranger Magazine, Seattle's alternate weekly, runs a "Regrets" issue at the end of every issue, in which they list all of the errors, regrets, etc., of the paper's staff and contributors. This year they solicited regrets from area artists & writers. I wrote in that I regretted that I have drawn many authors, but had never yet had the opportunity to draw Kurt Vonnegut. The paper responded by asking if I would like to draw him as the feature illustration for that segment of the paper, thereby allowing at least one citizen the opportunity to conquer one of her regrets!

In Airports Everywhere!

The new James Patterson book, Worst Case is finally out, and full of my illustrations! I was asked to conjure up the lead character's 10 adopted children. It was a hoot: I was given only ages and ethnicities, with maybe two words of description for each. Despite the meager descriptions, I tried to instill them with a lot of character. I can't even fathom the idea of millions of fans contemplating these characters, whom they have tried to imagine all of these years; it's a huge responsibility!

Dylan @ 70

Here's a fun one! Intelligent Life Magazine asked for Dylan portrait for his 70th birthday. Martin (Lovelock) said I could choose the era of my choosing, as long as it evoked essential "Bobness". This is a melding of two ages: the face of Dylan now, the iconic hair of earlier day, the stern aspect which is, apparently, timeless. It was hard to find any photos of this man expressing mirth!

NY Observer Cover!

Madness! NY Observer needed a rush job for its cover - George Steinbrenner had just died, and they needed to send the paper out at 5pm (2pm my time). Phone rang at 7am. Could I do it? Coffee and reference in by 8, final art delivered 1:24 PDT. Whew!